Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Binding

I've been working way too long now on a corset in the style of the Elizabeth I Effigy Stays, but the end is in sight!  The corset is made with two layers of linen canvas, an outer layer of synthetic red brocade (curtains from Walmart!).  It's boned with a combination of plastic whalebone, cable ties, and a few pieces of steel at the center front.  The pattern was based on my trusty old red corset, with some help from the pattern in The Tudor Tailor.  During patterning I lowered the neckline about a half inch and lowered the bottom front at least two inches so it glides over my stomach instead of digging directly in when I sit down like the red one did. 

Last night I wrapped up the binding.  Around the top and sides I stitched the binding to the front first with a back stitch and the turned the binding to the inside and slip stitched it down.  The tabs are infinitely more tricky and after some trial and error I ended up slip stitching the front and back so I could leave the binding folded as I went into the tiny corners.  Each space between the tabs has one fairly neat tuck in it instead of a series of wrinkles like I had when I tried it any other way.

Before I started binding the tabs I thought it would be easier if there was more space between the tabs and if the tabs were rounded off.  I discovered while I was binding that having more space actually made it harder to have one nice tuck instead of several large wrinkles.  Plus the tabs in the original have virtually no space between them and they are squared off, so it's inaccurate as well as more difficult to bind.  I'll have to fix that for next time!

Next step: hand bound eyelets.

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