Thursday, April 7, 2011

Commission Work

 Things have been very slow at my job lately, so I've taken on a few commissions to help pay the bills before my summer job starts.  Right now I am working on a bustle for Maggie.  We decided to use the Laughing Moon Pattern 112, view D, with a few details taken from Period Costumes for the Stage and Screen by Jean Hunnisett.  I probably could have drafted it, but I'm not very efficient at pattern drafting (yet!) so it was easier not to reinvent the wheel.

 The fabric is 100% cotton mattress ticking from Jo-Ann's, which is a nice sturdy twill weave without being too heavy.  The pattern calls for the bone casings to be made from store-bought bias tape and sewn to the inside, but I decided to make my own bias tape casings.  Since the diagonal stripes are so cute I thought it would be a shame to hide them away on the inside, so I sew them to the outside instead.  I was hoping to finish this up this week, but my grommet setting kit has gone missing (the inside laces up so the width is adjustable) so it's on hold until the new one comes.  I have a chemise to make for Maggie too, plus some things for another client, so that will keep me plenty busy until then.


  1. I love how the bias looks! :)

    Btw, I sent you the lace, let me know when it arrives.

  2. Thank you! That's excellent, I will!

  3. So glad you like it, Maggie!

  4. I made this exact pattern with RED ticking! I'm so glad I"m not the only one to have that (GREAT) idea!

    (this is countessof_roth from LJ btw)

  5. What fun fabric! Your choice for the self-bias really paid off.