Sunday, July 22, 2012

Francaise Dinner Party!

Isn't that a lovely group?  Picture courtesy of Robin.

As I mentioned in my last post, I was lucky enough to be invited to an 18th century themed dinner in Philadelphia last February.

It was organized by Kat of Madame Modiste and held at the William Penn Inn.  The venue was so lovely and the staff really helpful!  It was good food and great company.  And an excellent reason to dress up!

I had grand plans to make a new corset and robe a la francaise, but that whole grad school thing got in my way, so I ended up in a "this old thing" dress.  Luckily, I love the dress the most of all the things I've made, so it was nice to wear it again!  The only problem is that I've lost some weight since a made the (not a diet, just grad school stress!) so it was very big on me.  The center front actually has a line of trim on both sides, and I had to over-lap one side completely over the other to get it snug enough.  It looked alright, but it's definitely very wrinkly and gaping in the pictures!  The real story is my new wig and shoes!

Picture from Aubry of A Fractured Fairytale

I started with the Lacey's Southern Belle Wig, a long clip-in hair piece, and some images of ladies from the 18th century, and then I frantically styled it at midnight the night before.  I wish I could share with you some awesome wig styling secrets, but it's really just a lot of hairspray, fake hair, and those spongy, doughnut-shaped hair rat things. 

 The extra hair piece fills in the back, and I just used my fingers and hairspray to shape the pieces into large curls that I pinned into place. The braid across the front was taken from a period image (not that I can remember which one!) and it helps me hide the place where my bangs blend into the wig.  I wish I'd gotten the wig a little less "pointy" and a little more full at the top - the period images tend to show poufs that are even all the way up or that even get fuller as they go up.  But, considering how fast I threw it together, I am pretty pleased with the results!

Ladies in Stripes! Picture from Maggie.
Ladies in Florals!  Picture from Maggie.
Shoe shot!  Oh, my wrinkly stocking is sad! Picture from Maggie.
It was such a good event!  I really hope we get to do it again!


  1. I LOVED your hair at the event. Didn't think it was too pointy at all - perfect!

  2. What a decadent event!

  3. Your wig looks really wonderful, really the right height, shape and style. Gorgeous!

  4. You dress up is so beautiful it must become the focus of the meeting.Very nice!