Sunday, September 9, 2012

Anne of Found Objects

In my first week of school this semester, we were assigned to create a dress based on one of the wives of Henry VIII.  The trick was, we were going to do this Project Runway style!  No fabric, just found objects!  Luckily for us, they do not have to be worn by a real person on the runway...

So I started with Anne of Cleves, because I think she has some of the more interesting dresses of the six.  After a false start with shiny red and gold gift bags (which were deemed too easy and too pretty), I used newspaper, some thin cardboard, pot scrubbers, and a few pennies to make my version of the dress.

 The top of the sleeves are made from newspaper that I cut into one inch strips and braided together.  Then I hot-glued them edge to edge to form the three-dimensional shapes.

I ended up making her some arms out of the chicken wire so I could drape the sleeves.  There was something creepy about that, but they did the trick!  I loved making something out of paper and hot glue!  A nice change from fussy fabrics and tiny stitches.  What do you think?  Did I make it work?